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The project will deliver the following project deliverables. The public deliverables will be made available here once they are approved for public release

D1.1 Meeting minutes of formal meetings

D2.1 Requirements and specification

D2.2 Detailed specification of the system

D3.1 Sensor network

D3.2 Physical/physiologicalsensing devices

D3.3 Stress/attentions states from EEG and leg motion

D3.4 Software/hardware architecture

D4.1 Generalisation on ontology hierarchy specification

D4.2 Situation assessment architecture specification and prototype implementation V1 & V2

D4.3 Robot automated response specification and implementation (hardware & software)

D4.4 Expectation modelling engine

D5.1 Self-motivated gait and goal generation

D5.2 Identification and anticipation of human purposeful behaviour and information flow

D5.3 Anticipatory transitional dynamics and cognitive adaptation of control

D6.1 Researched cognitive control architectures, cognitive control evaluation and simulation results

D6.2 Cognitive control evaluation on the demonstrator

D6.3 Final cognitive control architecture and verification results

D7.1 Design concept of the demonstrator

D7.2 Smart actuators and actuation system

D7.3 Low level control units

D7.4 The final demonstrator

D8.1 Summary report of sub-system conformance testing and system integration report

D8.2 Complete, integrated system (devices, software, documentation)

D9.1 Report on evaluation methodology, metrics, ethical assurance

D9.2 Evaluation reports

D10.1 Project webpage and CORBYS project leaflets

D10.2 Report on dissemination events and publication activities

D10.3 Plan for using and disseminating the knowledge